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Vijay Aswani Ph.D.


Permanent Faculty in Natural Sciences

Florida State University-Panama

Panama Canal College Campus

P.O.Box 6-4794 Dorado, Panama

Phone: 507-314-0367 ext. 240

Fax: 507-314-0366



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Welcome to my web site!


I’m just getting started so here are a few links that will give you information on what I do …


Where I work …

I am a permanent faculty member in the Natural Sciences at Florida State University – Panama (visit the Natural Science web page)

Recent visit to Costa Rica to introduce FSU-Panama to Costa Rican students. Photo taken on October 5th, 2000 at the Centro Cultural Costariccense-Norteamericano. On my left is Celia Maria Chavez of the Centro and on my right, Karen Bye of the Euroamerican School.


Courses I teach …

Some of the courses I teach, or have taught in the past are:


· PCB 2099 Human Physiology

· CHM 1045 General Chemistry I with CHM 1045L Lab

· CHM 1046 General Chemistry II with CHM 1046 L Lab

· ISC 2003 Global Change: Its Scientific & Human Dimensions


Would you too like to put your courses up on the web? It’s free! Here’s a tutorial available on-line to get you started.


My Research …


Besides this, I do research at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute's, Naos Labs of Molecular Biology & Evolution. I worked previously in the lab of Eldredge Bermingham and still collaborate with him in ongoing research projects.


My research interests are:


Using GIS to map biodiversity

Molecular evolution and biogeography of the freshwater fish Piabucina (look here for background to this research

Bioinformatics and functional genomics (click here for a recent research piece I wrote on potential project).



C.V. and Work Experience …


My CV is available online for those interested. Click below for my specific work experience in




Today’s Science News …



Today’s Cartoon …